Registration Guide

Step 1
  1. The address of the ILI MOOC Platform is

  3. There you can click on the OR REGISTER button

Step 2

You will get the registration form.

Fill it, accept the terms and conditions and click on Register


Step 3
  1. You will receive a confirmation e-mail, after you confirm your address, you can click on the FAU logo to go to the main page (first picture) and this time, instead of or register, click on LOGIN

  2. On the login page use the username and password you chose in the registration form.

  3. After click on Login, you will be logged in the platform.

Step 4

Now the Main page looks like this, so to go to the Course, you can click on View all courses (or the left Menu, course button)

Step 5

On courses, click on the BUFSIE MOOC.

Step 6

This is the course Join screen; you just need to accept the data information and click on Join.

Step 7

Select your language, to access the content of the course

Step 8

Enjoy the learning experience of the BUFSIE MOOC!